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Week 4 – Seahawks 23, Niners – 3 October 3, 2007

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Week 4 – at San Francisco

OK, revenge time. The Niners embarrassed the Hawks twice last season.  Not going to happen again.  They stack the box and force Smith to win the game, which he doesn’t.  Offensively, Shawn Alexander has a breakout game.  A little payback to Gore for dominating the Hawks last season.  W 35 – 17

OK, so no breakout game for Shawn but I’ll take it.   Great game by Hass, not as high scoring for the Hawks but I think I was really looking for the offense to break out.  Instead, it was the defense that broke out (after busting up Alex Smith which I think is truly unfortunate).  Branch going for 130 yards on 7 catches is huge as well.  It really show’s he’s developed a rapport with Hass and that Hass isn’t missing D-Jack very much.  Throw in a TD pass to the previously MIA Marcus Pollard and it was a nice game.  Six sacks, three by Peterson, a few forced fumbles and a couple of interceptions made it a dominating day for the D, even if we got Gore’d for 79 yards (which isn’t bad either, especially when counter-balanced against last years Gore-ings).  Anyway, I’m stoked that we’re 3-1 and have started establishing that we are still the team to beat in the West.

As far as Arizona is concerned, I think the reason Warner is now being successful is just that the Card’s O-line is so much better than previous seasons.  When Warner’s got time, he’s an artist and he can just kill people and he really doesn’t need a ton of time.  But it’s when he’s got to scramble and work through his progressions, he’s murder for his own offense.  Too many mistakes, too much desperation.  We’ll see if it all continues.  I see some more blitz packages coming his way as teams figure out when he’ll come into the game and when he won’t.  Regardless, the Cardinals are a much-improved team and should hang around for the remainder of the season.

Week 3 – Seahawks 24, Bengals 21 September 23, 2007

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Well, here’s what I said at the beginning of the season for this game:

Week 3 – Cincinnati

Thank goodness this is a Week 3 game and not Week 1. The Hawks are starting to gel a little bit and, since this is at home, they win a close game against the Bengals. W 28 – 24.

Not bad, pretty close. The Hawks had to come back late in the game and special teams played a HUGE part in the game. First, a 72-yard kickoff return to start the game and than the forced fumble on the kickoff after scoring the go-ahead TD. Seems like it was a great game. Being in Socal, I don’t get too many Hawks games on TV so I have to follow on the Internet. Anyway, the Hawks started off slow and got a little better as the game went on. I think that’s just how it’s going to be this season. The Hawks need to grind a little and get the defense tired. Some extended drives early in the game to soften them up and than close it out at the end of the game with Shaun pounding away. This is the 2nd game this season where late in the game Shawn breaks off a long run to help put the game away.

vs. TB – 3rd and 7 from the Hawks 24 with 2:52 left in the game. 24-yard run up the middle to the 46. They didn’t score on the drive but they punted with 30 seconds left.

vs. Cincinnati – 4th and 1 from the Cincy 36 with 1:41 left on the go-ahead drive. 14-yard run to the left to set up the game-winning to pass to Burleson. Later, on 2nd and 10 from Cincy 33 with :49 seconds left. 22-yard run to the left to the Cincy 13. Game over.

I’m ok with this…so far. I’d prefer the games aren’t as exciting as this one but a win is a win and wouldn’t everyone love blowouts like Philly over Detroit? Sure they would. The Hawks are going to get better as the season goes along, good health being the obvious pre-condition. I’m excited that they’re 2-1 and got this win under their belt. With the way the Niners have been playing, I think they have a great shot at getting the Win.

Hass and Alexander take the heat September 17, 2007

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Hasselbeck and Alexander flubbing another basic run causes another Seahawks loss – NFL – Yahoo! Sports

    This article makes me feel much better about being a Seahawk fan.  Everyone is taking some of the heat for the botched run.  They’re manning up to the mistake.  Shawn for thinking too much.  Hass for taking the responsibility to make sure everyone is on the same page.  Coach for making sure everyone understands the situation.  Everyone talking about what they need to do, what there roles are and all three are exactly correct.  Coach handles the big picture.  It’s inside two minutes, no time to be audibling, just call the play and go.  Time is the enemy at this point and you don’t have the luxury to go around and do a bunch of audibles.  Hass is the QB, he’s the Field General, make sure everyone knows what’s going on and what they’re supposed to do in that particular moment.  It’s on him.  Shawn to stop thinking so much and just run the play.  You have to commit to the play or bad things happen…like the fumble.  I’m pretty confident you won’t see this happen again and I think if another defense starts changing things up like it sounds the Cardinals did, it will be a different story.  I think the teams a good team, much better than some in the national media think.  They just need to trust each other more and commit to the play.  Holmgren is a good coach, he’s got a good idea of what needs to be done and how to do it.  Trust each other fellas, trust each other. 

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Sad, sad Seahawks September 16, 2007

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OK, today was a horrible day.  I had written a post about the fumble that blamed Holmgren for wanting to pass even though they just needed to run it a couple of times and than kick the field goal to end it.  I REALLY ranted on that one.  But, since I didn’t watch the game on TV (no Hawks in Socal this week) and only followed it via NFL.com, I had the wrong info.  I guess it was a botched handoff to Shawn by Hass.  Grrrrrrr!!!  Still very frustrating but mistakes do happen during games so it’s not so bad.  After enduring the baseball season and myriad of shockingly lame managerial decisions by Mariners managers, I guess I was a little primed to jump on a coaching decision.  Anyway, Holmgren had it right, but the players didn’t execute.  Shawn said he thought Hass called an audible.  That’s the QB’s fault, unless Shawn is just making it up as an excuse.  Hass’s responsibility is to make sure everyone is on the same page, regardless of crowd noise.  If I watch the video and Hass isn’t turning around and making sure Shawn knows what the play is and is just calling an audible, totally his fault.  Otherwise, if Hass isn’t audibling and doesn’t turn around to say anything to Shawn, than it’s a mental mistake by our premier HB and that’s a problem.  Of course, the botched handoff wasn’t the only glaring failure for the offense.  Two trips inside the red zone in the 2nd half resulting in two field goals is not the way to win football games.  Converting just one of those to a TD would have made a huge difference.  It’s very frustrating that we lost to the Cardinals.  I had the Hawks pegged to win 27-17.  They lost 23-20.  If they win by the same score, than I’d be feeling pretty good at my prognosticating.  Probably better that they lost so I don’t get a big head, haha.  Well, on to next week.  Maybe the offense can get things started against the Bengals defense (51 points to Cleveland?  WOW!) but the defense had better pull their heads out or else it’s going to be a LOOOONGGGGG game at Qwest Stadium.

Seahawks vs. Cardinals – mid-game suckitude September 16, 2007

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OK, middle of the 2nd quarter and I think the Seahawks offensive and defensive lines forgot to wear cups…or maybe they don’t need them. Shawn Alexander has 6 yards rushing on 6 attempts and they’ve punted 5 times. Meanwhile, the “horrendous” offensive line for the Cardinals has provided apparently stellar blocking to allow Edge to rack up 59 yards on 10 rushes and no sacks for Leinart. I’m sorry but after seeing the Cards struggle so badly against San Fran and have Matty running for his life (and looking like he has two left feel while he did it), I expected the Hawks to just murder ’em this week. Apparently, it was just 1st week jitters for the Cards and the Hawks played above their heads against Tampa. Oh well, still have a little of the 2nd quarter and the entire 2nd half to go, maybe they’ll turn it around.

Halftime update

OK, the Hawks went down the field and scored a TD (24-yard pass to Burleson) but still almost no rushing attack of offense and the Cards had their typical luck when Rackers missed a chip-shot field goal (28-yards) by clanging the upright.  There may be hope after all.  BTW, wasn’t the “new vamped secondary” supposed to prevent crap like that TD to Leonard Pope from happening?  What happened guys?  Don’t tell me there was a mis-communication, that excuse isn’t allowed from this group. That was last years lament and Boulware is in Texas (2-0 btw) so you can’t blame him.  Get it together guys, you’re playing like the Mariners, and I just don’t think Seattle fans can handle anymore of that.

Seahawks Week 1 September 9, 2007

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Hey hey hey, not a bad start. For those who haven’t seen my post about the Seahawks upcoming season, here is my prediction regarding week 1:

Week 1 – Tampa Bay

Good way to start the season, the same way we ended last season. Good start against a team with QB issues. Hawks show a good start, nothing really impressive but good enough. W 21 – 10

So, while I didn’t get to see the game because I was in Mexico on our churches mens retreat, it sounds like the game went about the same way I thought it would. Not really impressive, down 6-3 towards the end of the first half before pulling ahead late in the first to go up 10-6 at the half and continuing to a 20-6 win against the Bucs while dropping both Garcia and Williams for significant time due to big hits. Not a bad start and coupled with the Huskies 24-10 win over Boise St makes this a great football weekend for me. Oh, and sorry to all of you Michigan and Notre Dame fans. Ouch, 0-2 for both of you. You’ve got time to make up for the slow slow slow start, but you better get it kicked into gear…soon.

Seahawks 2007 Week by Week Predictions August 31, 2007

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OK, so here are my predictions for each game the Hawks play this season.  I think it’s going to be a good one.  I’m no expert and this obviously is biased but hey, it’s for fun anyway.  Also, I do caveat this that there are no significant injuries (of course, Tubbs just got hurt last night and doesn’t look good for the season).  Anyway, off I go:

Week 1 – Tampa Bay

Good way to start the season, the same way we ended last season.  Good start against a team with QB issues.  Hawks show a good start, nothing really impressive but good enough.  W 21 – 10

Week 2 – at Arizona

Big game for the Cardinals.  This one will show whether they are really going to do something this season or not.  I don’t think their defense holds up and the Hawks improved secondary holds down the talented Card offense.  W 27 – 17

Week 3 – Cincinnati

Thank goodness this is a Week 3 game and not Week 1.  The Hawks are starting to gel a little bit and, since this is at home, they win a close game against the Bengals.  W 28 – 24.

Week 4 – at San Francisco

OK, revenge time. The Niners embarrassed the Hawks twice last season.  Not going to happen again.  They stack the box and force Smith to win the game, which he doesn’t.  Offensively, Shawn Alexander has a breakout game.  A little payback to Gore for dominating the Hawks last season.  W 35 – 17.

Week 5 – at Pittsburgh

Back to planet earth this week.  At Pittsburgh?  Not too many teams win in Steeler town.  The Hawks struggle on offense but aren’t embarrassed, and lose their first of the season.  L  24 – 17.

Week 6 – New Orleans

Marquee matchup.  Sunday night football (or Football Night in America…lame title and Costas isn’t the guy to be doing football but that’s just my opinion)  against one of the premier teams in the NFL.  Hawks win at home, keeping the Saints offense in check and needing a win after last weeks disappointment.  W 28 – 24.

Week 7 – St. Louis

We squeeked in two wins last season against the Rams and this one is no different.  If we’re in St Louis, we lose this one.  But while St. Louis has a good offense, there D is still poor.  The emotion of the game is what keeps it close.  W 35 – 28.

Week 8 – bye

Week 9 – at Cleveland

Cleveland is struggling and Quinn is now the QB (his 2nd week).  Remember what we did to Cutler when he was just getting started and Rivers later on (until we lost on that last throw of the game…sad sad sad)?  Same thing for Quinn.  It’s hard being a young QB in the NFL.  W 28 – 10.

Week 10 – San Francisco

Continuing the revenge on the Niners, the Hawks end their playoff hopes with a squeaker at home.  W 21 – 17

Week 11 – Chicago

Another marquee matchup but not as much as the game against the Saints.  The Bears running game is doing poorly (trading Jones was not a good idea) so teams are forcing Rex to win the games.  The defense is still formidable but not in this game.  The Hawks pack the box and the improved Seattle secondary doesn’t allow the big plays over the top.  W 17 – 7

Week 12 – at St. Louis

St Louis gets over the hump and finally wins a close one.  The Rams are tough to beat at home and the Hawks don’t pull this one out.  L 28 – 14.

Week 13 – at Philadelphia

Tough part the schedule and Philly is good.  Seahawks never get anything going and the rumors start of Alexander wearing down.  L  21 – 10

Week 14 –  Arizona

Time to end the Cardinals slim playoff hopes.  Leinart continues to improve andJames is having a better season than last but it’s still not enough.  The loss at home in Week 2 still stings and this game does nothing to help matters for Cards.  W 28 – 10.

Week 15 – at Carolina

Although the Panthers aren’t a dominant team, they’re good at home and Steve Smith is ready for revenge after the humiliating loss in the 2005 NFC Championship game.  L  21 – 17

Week 16 –  Baltimore

The Ravens are a great defensive team and efficient offensively but without LB Adalius Thomas and LB Ray Lewis slowing down (just a little), they’re not the same defense as last season.  Hawks go the season undefeated at home.  W 24 – 14.

Week 17 – at Atlanta

The season mercifully ends for the Falcons but not on a good note.  They’ve already packed it in and are embarrassed by Seattle’s second-stringer.  W 42 – 14

So they Hawks end the season 12-4, winner of the NFC West with home field advantage in the playoffs.  Super Bowl, here we come!!

Tired of Hutchinson August 25, 2007

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Now a Viking, Hutchinson still missed in Seattle – NFL – Yahoo! Sports

OK, first off, I want to say I don’t have anything against Hutch. He’s a great guard, went for the money with Minnesota, got it, and now we move on. The only person probably tired of hearing about this more than me is Hutch himself. What’s done is done. The Hawks took a calculated risk and didn’t Franchise him and they lost him. It is what it is. Move on people, nothing to see here. However…

What is this about the “failed trials of center Chris Spencer and oft-injured Floyd Womack“. I’ll agree on the Womack part, the guy is always getting dinged and when he did play, he wasn’t very effective. But Spencer is a center, was drafted as a center, played center in college, was projected as a center, and is now the starting center since Tobeck retired. He was a stopgap until it was felt that Sims could handle it. Even though he’s a center, Spencer had more experience with the line and the team so he was in before Sims. When Tobeck had his injury and staph infection, it forced Sims into the lineup with Spencer at center. I just don’t feel that Spencer failed. If Tobeck hadn’t retired, he’d probably be the starting LG anyway. But that’s speculation. Spencer is the starting center, they’ve had a whole training camp together (same with Hass and Branch) and I think they should be good to go. Oh, and don’t bring up the Packers pre-season game. Walt was out, Locklear was out, Hass was out. Doesn’t count, at least on the offensive side. Don’t ask me what happened to the D, that was embarrassing.

I actually feel really good about the Hawks line this year. It’s going to be Walt, Sims, Spencer, Gray, and Locklear. Barring injury (please we paid our dues last season), they should be good to go. Sims is much more athletic than Womack, I think Spencer is more athletic and stronger than Tobeck was but Tobeck was so smart and knew so much about the league, he’ll be missed for that. But I think they’ll be great.

The key for the Hawks this season is health and the defensive secondary. I think with the new safeties (Grant and Russell) and Jim Mora Jr as the secondary coach, we’ll see a lot of improvement out of them and I like Jennings as a starter. If Tubbs can get in on the D-line and provide a bigger (literally) presence, the D will show some serious improvement.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to this season and, thankfully, we don’t play the Vikings again until maybe the playoffs (which Hutch missed last year with Minnesota while Seattle made a little run there, HAH!). But, the one way to make the talk of how much the Hawks supposedly miss Hutch is for Sims to play well and Shaun to return to his 2006 form. Winning cures all ailments.

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Hypocritical regarding Michael Vick? August 14, 2007

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Morning Rush – NFL – Yahoo! Sports

Good article by Michael Silver over at Yahoo Sports but he forgets one particularly important point. The article brings up the case of St. Louis Rams DE Leonard Little and his manslaughter conviction 10 years ago for killing a woman in a car crash when he was intoxicated. Little served jail time but didn’t miss a whole lot of football and has since had DUI’s and still hasn’t missed anything. Now, the point that Silver missed is timing. Little did all of this at a different time in the NFL’s history, and I’m not saying it was handled correctly. The guy shouldn’t be playing football professionally in the NFL. But if this had happened this year, he wouldn’t be. Commissioner Goodell has made it very clear that he is going to clean up the NFL and this is exactly the type of situation that he wouldn’t tolerate. I don’t think Silver can call the the difference in the handling of the two cases hypocritical, at least on the NFL’s part, because the two events happened 10 years apart under different regimes. Having both occur during under the same regimes with a closer timespan and I could agree. But that’s not the case. Bottom line though is that neither player should ever play in the NFL again. It’s not a right to be able to play in the NFL, it’s a privilege and most players get that. Some don’t and may never will.

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M’s on Fox Sports July 4, 2007

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FOX Sports on MSN – MLB – Despite wild ride, Mariners playing well

It’s great to see an entire article dedicated to the M’s with some pretty sensible things being said.  Kudos to Dayn for keeping up with what’s being written in the blogs.  USS Mariner and Lookout Landing are not only great blogs about the M’s, but they’re just great blogs about baseball in general.  I think they do a great job of balancing statistical analysis and scouting reports.  Just don’t look for a lot of substance in the game threads.  If you want raw emotion and some great beer (or whatever your drinking) coming out your nose laughter at some of one-liners they submit during the game, the game threads are great.  But take them with a grain of salt.  The post-game/next day analysis is where you’ll find the meat. 

Anyway, I’m very happy with the way the M’s have played, in spite of some roster decisions that have been made.  Dayn brings up some great points, specifically about Adam Jones.  Jones just can’t stay down in AAA for much longer, he is going to force his way onto the ML roster sometime soon.  He brings too much to the table offensively and would improve the OF defense so much, it’s almost unfathomable that they haven’t brought him up already.

One thing I’m not so sure about is the idea of platooning Sexson and Broussard.  Not that I don’t like Broussard, I do.  I really do.  But I’d prefer to see the M’s trade one or the other for some pitching help rather than platoon them.  I think Sexson is going to have a big second half, similar to last season although probably not as drastic.  He’s historically been a much better second half player (87 1st Half OPS+ vs. 117 2nd Half OPS+) and he doesn’t have a big lefty/righty split in terms of OPS (.872 vs LHP, .866 vs RHP) and OPS+ (99 vs RHP and 103 vs LHP).  Broussard isn’t a big help in terms of defense either when comparing range factors for both players (for their careers, Sexson is 8.96  RFg and Broussard is 8.16 RFg).  It’s not a bad idea but I’d prefer to see if Richie takes off and has a similar second half.  I’d rather sit Vidro and have Broussard play DH more often than put Sexson on the bench.  Now, if Sexsons recent thumb injury continues to bother him, than having Broussard spell him at 1B until he’s 100% healthy is definitely a good idea, especially if he continues to hit as well as he has recently. 

Lastly about Broussard.  Please don’t have him play the OF.  It’s just painful to watch. 

All stats are courtesy of Baseball Reference.com.

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