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Week 4 – Seahawks 23, Niners – 3 October 3, 2007

Posted by daveinoc in NFL Football, Sports, Sports News & Opinion.

Week 4 – at San Francisco

OK, revenge time. The Niners embarrassed the Hawks twice last season.  Not going to happen again.  They stack the box and force Smith to win the game, which he doesn’t.  Offensively, Shawn Alexander has a breakout game.  A little payback to Gore for dominating the Hawks last season.  W 35 – 17

OK, so no breakout game for Shawn but I’ll take it.   Great game by Hass, not as high scoring for the Hawks but I think I was really looking for the offense to break out.  Instead, it was the defense that broke out (after busting up Alex Smith which I think is truly unfortunate).  Branch going for 130 yards on 7 catches is huge as well.  It really show’s he’s developed a rapport with Hass and that Hass isn’t missing D-Jack very much.  Throw in a TD pass to the previously MIA Marcus Pollard and it was a nice game.  Six sacks, three by Peterson, a few forced fumbles and a couple of interceptions made it a dominating day for the D, even if we got Gore’d for 79 yards (which isn’t bad either, especially when counter-balanced against last years Gore-ings).  Anyway, I’m stoked that we’re 3-1 and have started establishing that we are still the team to beat in the West.

As far as Arizona is concerned, I think the reason Warner is now being successful is just that the Card’s O-line is so much better than previous seasons.  When Warner’s got time, he’s an artist and he can just kill people and he really doesn’t need a ton of time.  But it’s when he’s got to scramble and work through his progressions, he’s murder for his own offense.  Too many mistakes, too much desperation.  We’ll see if it all continues.  I see some more blitz packages coming his way as teams figure out when he’ll come into the game and when he won’t.  Regardless, the Cardinals are a much-improved team and should hang around for the remainder of the season.



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