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Seahawks vs. Cardinals – mid-game suckitude September 16, 2007

Posted by daveinoc in NFL Football, Sports, Sports News & Opinion.

OK, middle of the 2nd quarter and I think the Seahawks offensive and defensive lines forgot to wear cups…or maybe they don’t need them. Shawn Alexander has 6 yards rushing on 6 attempts and they’ve punted 5 times. Meanwhile, the “horrendous” offensive line for the Cardinals has provided apparently stellar blocking to allow Edge to rack up 59 yards on 10 rushes and no sacks for Leinart. I’m sorry but after seeing the Cards struggle so badly against San Fran and have Matty running for his life (and looking like he has two left feel while he did it), I expected the Hawks to just murder ’em this week. Apparently, it was just 1st week jitters for the Cards and the Hawks played above their heads against Tampa. Oh well, still have a little of the 2nd quarter and the entire 2nd half to go, maybe they’ll turn it around.

Halftime update

OK, the Hawks went down the field and scored a TD (24-yard pass to Burleson) but still almost no rushing attack of offense and the Cards had their typical luck when Rackers missed a chip-shot field goal (28-yards) by clanging the upright.  There may be hope after all.  BTW, wasn’t the “new vamped secondary” supposed to prevent crap like that TD to Leonard Pope from happening?  What happened guys?  Don’t tell me there was a mis-communication, that excuse isn’t allowed from this group. That was last years lament and Boulware is in Texas (2-0 btw) so you can’t blame him.  Get it together guys, you’re playing like the Mariners, and I just don’t think Seattle fans can handle anymore of that.



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