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Sad, sad Seahawks September 16, 2007

Posted by daveinoc in NFL Football, Sports, Sports News & Opinion.

OK, today was a horrible day.  I had written a post about the fumble that blamed Holmgren for wanting to pass even though they just needed to run it a couple of times and than kick the field goal to end it.  I REALLY ranted on that one.  But, since I didn’t watch the game on TV (no Hawks in Socal this week) and only followed it via NFL.com, I had the wrong info.  I guess it was a botched handoff to Shawn by Hass.  Grrrrrrr!!!  Still very frustrating but mistakes do happen during games so it’s not so bad.  After enduring the baseball season and myriad of shockingly lame managerial decisions by Mariners managers, I guess I was a little primed to jump on a coaching decision.  Anyway, Holmgren had it right, but the players didn’t execute.  Shawn said he thought Hass called an audible.  That’s the QB’s fault, unless Shawn is just making it up as an excuse.  Hass’s responsibility is to make sure everyone is on the same page, regardless of crowd noise.  If I watch the video and Hass isn’t turning around and making sure Shawn knows what the play is and is just calling an audible, totally his fault.  Otherwise, if Hass isn’t audibling and doesn’t turn around to say anything to Shawn, than it’s a mental mistake by our premier HB and that’s a problem.  Of course, the botched handoff wasn’t the only glaring failure for the offense.  Two trips inside the red zone in the 2nd half resulting in two field goals is not the way to win football games.  Converting just one of those to a TD would have made a huge difference.  It’s very frustrating that we lost to the Cardinals.  I had the Hawks pegged to win 27-17.  They lost 23-20.  If they win by the same score, than I’d be feeling pretty good at my prognosticating.  Probably better that they lost so I don’t get a big head, haha.  Well, on to next week.  Maybe the offense can get things started against the Bengals defense (51 points to Cleveland?  WOW!) but the defense had better pull their heads out or else it’s going to be a LOOOONGGGGG game at Qwest Stadium.



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