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Seahawks Week 1 September 9, 2007

Posted by daveinoc in Sports, Sports News & Opinion.

Hey hey hey, not a bad start. For those who haven’t seen my post about the Seahawks upcoming season, here is my prediction regarding week 1:

Week 1 – Tampa Bay

Good way to start the season, the same way we ended last season. Good start against a team with QB issues. Hawks show a good start, nothing really impressive but good enough. W 21 – 10

So, while I didn’t get to see the game because I was in Mexico on our churches mens retreat, it sounds like the game went about the same way I thought it would. Not really impressive, down 6-3 towards the end of the first half before pulling ahead late in the first to go up 10-6 at the half and continuing to a 20-6 win against the Bucs while dropping both Garcia and Williams for significant time due to big hits. Not a bad start and coupled with the Huskies 24-10 win over Boise St makes this a great football weekend for me. Oh, and sorry to all of you Michigan and Notre Dame fans. Ouch, 0-2 for both of you. You’ve got time to make up for the slow slow slow start, but you better get it kicked into gear…soon.



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