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Seahawks 2007 Week by Week Predictions August 31, 2007

Posted by daveinoc in Sports, Sports News & Opinion.

OK, so here are my predictions for each game the Hawks play this season.  I think it’s going to be a good one.  I’m no expert and this obviously is biased but hey, it’s for fun anyway.  Also, I do caveat this that there are no significant injuries (of course, Tubbs just got hurt last night and doesn’t look good for the season).  Anyway, off I go:

Week 1 – Tampa Bay

Good way to start the season, the same way we ended last season.  Good start against a team with QB issues.  Hawks show a good start, nothing really impressive but good enough.  W 21 – 10

Week 2 – at Arizona

Big game for the Cardinals.  This one will show whether they are really going to do something this season or not.  I don’t think their defense holds up and the Hawks improved secondary holds down the talented Card offense.  W 27 – 17

Week 3 – Cincinnati

Thank goodness this is a Week 3 game and not Week 1.  The Hawks are starting to gel a little bit and, since this is at home, they win a close game against the Bengals.  W 28 – 24.

Week 4 – at San Francisco

OK, revenge time. The Niners embarrassed the Hawks twice last season.  Not going to happen again.  They stack the box and force Smith to win the game, which he doesn’t.  Offensively, Shawn Alexander has a breakout game.  A little payback to Gore for dominating the Hawks last season.  W 35 – 17.

Week 5 – at Pittsburgh

Back to planet earth this week.  At Pittsburgh?  Not too many teams win in Steeler town.  The Hawks struggle on offense but aren’t embarrassed, and lose their first of the season.  L  24 – 17.

Week 6 – New Orleans

Marquee matchup.  Sunday night football (or Football Night in America…lame title and Costas isn’t the guy to be doing football but that’s just my opinion)  against one of the premier teams in the NFL.  Hawks win at home, keeping the Saints offense in check and needing a win after last weeks disappointment.  W 28 – 24.

Week 7 – St. Louis

We squeeked in two wins last season against the Rams and this one is no different.  If we’re in St Louis, we lose this one.  But while St. Louis has a good offense, there D is still poor.  The emotion of the game is what keeps it close.  W 35 – 28.

Week 8 – bye

Week 9 – at Cleveland

Cleveland is struggling and Quinn is now the QB (his 2nd week).  Remember what we did to Cutler when he was just getting started and Rivers later on (until we lost on that last throw of the game…sad sad sad)?  Same thing for Quinn.  It’s hard being a young QB in the NFL.  W 28 – 10.

Week 10 – San Francisco

Continuing the revenge on the Niners, the Hawks end their playoff hopes with a squeaker at home.  W 21 – 17

Week 11 – Chicago

Another marquee matchup but not as much as the game against the Saints.  The Bears running game is doing poorly (trading Jones was not a good idea) so teams are forcing Rex to win the games.  The defense is still formidable but not in this game.  The Hawks pack the box and the improved Seattle secondary doesn’t allow the big plays over the top.  W 17 – 7

Week 12 – at St. Louis

St Louis gets over the hump and finally wins a close one.  The Rams are tough to beat at home and the Hawks don’t pull this one out.  L 28 – 14.

Week 13 – at Philadelphia

Tough part the schedule and Philly is good.  Seahawks never get anything going and the rumors start of Alexander wearing down.  L  21 – 10

Week 14 –  Arizona

Time to end the Cardinals slim playoff hopes.  Leinart continues to improve andJames is having a better season than last but it’s still not enough.  The loss at home in Week 2 still stings and this game does nothing to help matters for Cards.  W 28 – 10.

Week 15 – at Carolina

Although the Panthers aren’t a dominant team, they’re good at home and Steve Smith is ready for revenge after the humiliating loss in the 2005 NFC Championship game.  L  21 – 17

Week 16 –  Baltimore

The Ravens are a great defensive team and efficient offensively but without LB Adalius Thomas and LB Ray Lewis slowing down (just a little), they’re not the same defense as last season.  Hawks go the season undefeated at home.  W 24 – 14.

Week 17 – at Atlanta

The season mercifully ends for the Falcons but not on a good note.  They’ve already packed it in and are embarrassed by Seattle’s second-stringer.  W 42 – 14

So they Hawks end the season 12-4, winner of the NFC West with home field advantage in the playoffs.  Super Bowl, here we come!!



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