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Tired of Hutchinson August 25, 2007

Posted by daveinoc in Sports News & Opinion.

Now a Viking, Hutchinson still missed in Seattle – NFL – Yahoo! Sports

OK, first off, I want to say I don’t have anything against Hutch. He’s a great guard, went for the money with Minnesota, got it, and now we move on. The only person probably tired of hearing about this more than me is Hutch himself. What’s done is done. The Hawks took a calculated risk and didn’t Franchise him and they lost him. It is what it is. Move on people, nothing to see here. However…

What is this about the “failed trials of center Chris Spencer and oft-injured Floyd Womack“. I’ll agree on the Womack part, the guy is always getting dinged and when he did play, he wasn’t very effective. But Spencer is a center, was drafted as a center, played center in college, was projected as a center, and is now the starting center since Tobeck retired. He was a stopgap until it was felt that Sims could handle it. Even though he’s a center, Spencer had more experience with the line and the team so he was in before Sims. When Tobeck had his injury and staph infection, it forced Sims into the lineup with Spencer at center. I just don’t feel that Spencer failed. If Tobeck hadn’t retired, he’d probably be the starting LG anyway. But that’s speculation. Spencer is the starting center, they’ve had a whole training camp together (same with Hass and Branch) and I think they should be good to go. Oh, and don’t bring up the Packers pre-season game. Walt was out, Locklear was out, Hass was out. Doesn’t count, at least on the offensive side. Don’t ask me what happened to the D, that was embarrassing.

I actually feel really good about the Hawks line this year. It’s going to be Walt, Sims, Spencer, Gray, and Locklear. Barring injury (please we paid our dues last season), they should be good to go. Sims is much more athletic than Womack, I think Spencer is more athletic and stronger than Tobeck was but Tobeck was so smart and knew so much about the league, he’ll be missed for that. But I think they’ll be great.

The key for the Hawks this season is health and the defensive secondary. I think with the new safeties (Grant and Russell) and Jim Mora Jr as the secondary coach, we’ll see a lot of improvement out of them and I like Jennings as a starter. If Tubbs can get in on the D-line and provide a bigger (literally) presence, the D will show some serious improvement.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to this season and, thankfully, we don’t play the Vikings again until maybe the playoffs (which Hutch missed last year with Minnesota while Seattle made a little run there, HAH!). But, the one way to make the talk of how much the Hawks supposedly miss Hutch is for Sims to play well and Shaun to return to his 2006 form. Winning cures all ailments.

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